What you'll find here

On this site you will find information about Chinese-language terms in the subjects of art, architecture, and archaeology. Ideally, this means that you should be able to find information on terms from painting just as easily as the characters for the name of an archaeological dig site. Since this site is still growing, however, not every term has been loaded, yet. I think what's here is already useful, though.

Because Chinese art, architecture, and archaeology are so tightly linked to the history and culture of China in general, and because to the non-specialist it's often difficult to know which terms are most important when faced with a string of Chinese characters, this site also provides transliterations and English-language definitions for some basic terms. For example, the names of all of the Chinese dynasties are here, along with the English name, and the years of the dynasty. Likewise, major place-names are here, as well as major religious terms. (See About This Site for an explanation of what sort of definitions you can expect to find here, among other things.)

As mentioned above, this site is still growing, and will continue to grow until we either run out of terms, or people stop using the site. If you would like to suggest some terms, or have any suggestions on how to make the site better, please send me an email.

Email: hughesm@errrata.org

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